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Word puzzles, whether crossword puzzles, word jumbles or word search are now a part of people’s lives both as a means of fun as well as to warm up those brain cells for a healthy mental state. Just like exercising to keep your body fit and not deteriorate with age, you need to indulge in puzzles, word games and other mental exercises to slow the decline of your mind with age and crossword puzzles are one of the most effective activities that can boost your memory, increase vocabulary and improve focus and mindfulness.

Other than appearing in almost all the newspapers of the USA and England, word puzzles are also available in forms of books and games for your mobile. These books are available in all sorts of different themes, puzzle types, difficulty levels and font sizes. They can have anywhere from 50 to 500 puzzles and you should consider your level of interest before buying them. However, if you really want to challenge your mind for some tricky word puzzles, you should consider our recommendations below.

  • The New York Times Supersized Book of Sunday Crosswords

If you’re a regular reader of the New York Times and have always looked forward to their Sunday crossword puzzle, this book is for you. Composed of a total of 500 puzzles from New York Times Sunday crossword puzzles, this is probably the largest collection of puzzles you can get your hands on.

  • Jumbo Jumble: A Big Book For Big Fans

A collection of almost three decades of Jumble puzzles, this book contains 500 of the best Jumble puzzles for people passionate about word scramble. The variety of subjects offered in these puzzles will keep the fans entertained for hours. With every puzzle, there are scrambled words and a cartoon clue given as clues that will help to solve the puzzle.

  • Celebrity Word Scramble Hall of Fame Series

Created by Bill Maier, an avid word jumble enthusiast and a life long fan, this series of word jumble books include famous people from every category. So far he has published football edition, television edition and music edition and is planning to release more books themed on baseball, boxing, arts, American government and hockey. His books are designed creatively and each book contains more than a hundred puzzles. The hints are given in the form of several anagrams for each puzzle with one letter from each word highlighted that will be used to solve the puzzle. Furthermore, there are life and career facts given about each person the puzzle focuses on, that also act as hints. Solutions for each puzzle are also given at the back of the book.

  • Entertainment Crosswords

For people interested in the entertainment industry, this book contains puzzles from every category, including television, music, sports and movies. It has over 100 puzzles, with increasing difficulty so you can find your gears gradually and easily.

We hope you love our list of best word puzzle books and check out some of them as a healthy and challenging workout for your brain.

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