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Celebrity Word Scramble

Embark on an intellectually stimulating journey with Bill Maier’s Celebrity Word Scramble books. Take on different topics and test your skills and knowledge. Bill Maier’s books are the perfect way to train your mind and spark your synapses.

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Bill Maier’s Scramble books offer interesting, mind challenging puzzles on different topics including sports, music and pop culture. Check out his scramble books for invigorating puzzles. 



Introduction to Word Puzzles

Puzzles are enjoyed globally in various forms. Whether they are mathematical, logical or simply word puzzles, people enjoy spending time solving them. Not only are

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About Us

About Bill Maier

Bill Maier is an avid fan of puzzles and his new range of scramble books are meant to serve as the perfect pass time activity for those looking to stimulate their mind and test their knowledge. Bill Maier believes that puzzles are a great way to test your thinking skills while also having fun.

Themed Scramble books

Bill Maier’s scramble books are the perfect way to spend your time challenging your mind while having fun. Pick up his scramble books and test your knowledge on different topics, ranging from sports and music, to television and celebrities.

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