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Word scrambles puzzles have been a part of people’s lives on a daily basis due to appearing in newspapers and puzzle books. Some puzzle enthusiasts find them both entertaining and challenging while others find them a way to bond with family over breakfast. Here are some of the great benefits of word scramble that you might not know.

  • Great as a group activity

Word jumbles are enjoyable when done alone but if you do it with a group of friends or just your family, they can multiply in fun. They are great for a long car ride, spare time of vacation or simply at home with your family.

  • Focus and Mindfulness

Solving word scramble requires focus and mindfulness where one is fully focused on the task, present in the moment and doesn’t let stray thoughts or tasks distract them. To be able to focus so deeply promotes self control and concentration.

  • Enhance vocabulary

Word Scramble puzzles are a great way to increase and improve your vocabulary. With every new puzzle, you are bound to gain a valuable addition to your vocabulary. It is also a productive way to bring your existing vocabulary into use.

  • Helps with stress

In any stressful situation where you have too much on your mind and just can’t seem to let go of intrusive thoughts, solving a word scramble is bound to refocus your mind on something entertaining and challenging, helping you to calm down and relax. Working towards a possible solution always feels more productive than worrying about things you can’t change.

  • Creative solutions

Word scramble puzzles require thinking outside of the box and finding the right use of hints provided. Books like Celebrity Word Scramble Hall of Fame Series by Bill Maier are a great example of how working on anagrams and life facts can help you become more creative with coming up with the solutions.

  • Problem solving skills

Regularly working on word puzzles helps activate the problem solving mode in our brains and can be a handy tool in our daily lives. It encourages analytical thinking to a problem and helps find patterns to work for a possible solution.

  • Sense of achievement

A small dose of success in completing a word scramble puzzle daily can help you get that sense of achievement that can boost your confidence and self reliability. Starting your day on a positive note with a small victory will brighten your mood and perspective.

  • Your brain’s workout

Just like your body, your brain needs to have a good workout to stay in good shape all your life. Word scramble puzzles guarantee a nice and cheap way of doing that by keeping your brain cells active and healthy.

  • Prevention of old age diseases

It is proven that doing puzzles and brain activities can reduce your risks of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Even with people where the disease has already started to appear, it can slow its progress.

With so many benefits to this healthy activity, it will be a valuable decision to play word scramble puzzles whenever you can find one. For a healthy brain and stress free time, this is the best hobby to choose for yourself.

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